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Join the CPMA Fresh Week Step Challenge
April 5 - 7 2023
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​Participate in some fun activities and friendly competition with your peers as you work your way up the Leaderboard and earn chances to win prizes.


The CPMA Fresh Week Step Challenge starts Tuesday, April 5, at 3:00 p.m. EDT and ends on Thursday, April 7 at 3:00 p.m. EDT.  


1) Download the "Heka Well" app:

Heka Well App Icon for Challenge Webpage White Text.png
2) Set up your Challenge account:
  • Launch the app and choose "CPMA Fresh Week Step Challenge" from the list
  • Complete the in-app registration process​
  • Pair your step tracker
    • Anyone can track their steps using their smartphone* by pairing with Apple Health on iOS or Google Fit on Android (make sure the Apple Health or Google Fit app is activated on your phone before pairing)
    • Heka Well also tracks step data from Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch.
3) Start moving!
  • To sync your activity data to the app, select "Tap to sync steps" at the top of the Summary
  • Note that your steps will only count from the time you first pair your activity tracker
  • Please sync your step data at least one time per 24 hour period and before the Challenge end time to make sure all your steps count!


Earn bonus steps to help you you achieve your goals. Once the Challenge has started, press the 'Bonus Activities' selector** in the Heka Well app:​

Scan-In: Scan a QR or enter the code found at the following locations:

  • Dole Sponsor Booth: Talk to a member of the Dole team in Booth 709 for a one-time 2,500-step bonus.
  • CPMA Feature Areas Scan-In: ​Scan-in at the following Feature Areas for a 1,000-step bonus. 
    • CPMA Booth 122
    • Learning Lounge
    • Business Sessions
    • New Product Showcase​
  • CPMA Bonus Code:  Talk with a member of the CPMA team in Booth 122 for 2,000 extra steps.
  • CPMA Trivia Games: Once the Challenge begins, follow the links below to submit your trivia answers. Find the code and enter it manually in the Scan-In module for a 1,000-step bonus.
Trivia Game #1 Starts April 5 at 3:00 p.m. EDT
Trivia Game #2 Starts April 6 at 3:00 p.m. EDT

Bonus Activities for Webpage.png


Step Level Goals: Participants will be granted one (1) drawing entry for each 10,000 steps accumulated during the Challenge, whether by walking or earning bonus steps (see above). Random drawings for the following various prizes will be conducted after the conclusion of the Challenge on April 7th.

  • Grand Prize: One (1) random winner of a Fitbit Versa 3™

  • Ten (10) additional lucky random winners will receive a $50 grocery gift card (Canada) or $50 Amazon Gift Card (International)

Winners will be announced at the annual banquet

and contacted by email after the Challenge has ended. 


The Leaderboard below (also available in the app) is refreshed approximately every 10 minutes once the Challenge has started. 


For more information, consult the Challenge FAQ.

If you have any questions, contact the support team here or email

*  Supported operating systems


** Bonus Activities:

  1. On the Challenge app's main dashboard, tap the Bonus Activities selector.

  2. Press Scan-In and follow the app instructions to receive your bonus steps. 

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