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2015 ADA Walking Challenge FAQs

To qualify for the Walking Challenge you must be a registered participant in ADA Scientific Sessions. 1K trackers will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis during Sessions registration hours. Limit of one tracker per registrant. The Walking Challenge app requires iOS 8.0 and above on the following devices: iPhone 4S and above, iPad Air, Mini, and 3rd & 4th generation iPads. The app will be available for Android users at future events.


What are the requirements for participation?


How does the Challenge generally work?

The Walking Challenge will begin on Friday June 5 at 11:45a and end Monday June 8 at 11:45p (all times in EDT). Each of the 1K participants will be given an activity tracker that will automatically log their activity (in estimated step equivalents). Participants should periodically sync the data from their tracker with their "ADA Walking Challenge" app (which can be downloaded in Apple's online App Store). The top 20 individual steppers and other Challenge stats will be shown on displays at select convention site locations and AstraZeneca’s exhibitor booth (#105). Participants have up to 9a each day to sync their data to have their steps count for the previous day’s average steps and top stepper stats.


How do I pair my tracker to the app?

When initially setting up your app you will be presented with a 'Pair Tracker' page as in the first image. To get your tracker to start transmitting in bluetooth low energy you need to tap the large metal piece (shown in the second image) three times (3X). After tapping 3X, your tracker should vibrate and you will see a green flashing light. You should then see your tracker serial number come up on a list. If there are other trackers nearby in pairing mode you may see other serial numbers but yours should be at the top of the list (and also match the serial number in the box you received your tracker). When you select your tracker's serial number, your tracker will vibrate to confirm that it is now paired with your app. Note that you can unpair your tracker by going to your Account Settings page.


How do I sync my step data to my app?

On the dashboard page of your app, click any place within the 'Today's Steps' circle shown in the next image. If your tracker has put its bluetooth low energy connection in dormant mode to save battery life you will be instructed to tap the large metal piece at the top of your tracker band three times (3x). The app will then pull the latest data from your tracker and will show data transfer progress by displaying a red line on the circle.


How do I charge my tracker and how often?

The large metal piece on your tracker (the part that you must tap 3x for pairing and synching), can easily be separated from the band. Once removed, you will see a small port in which you can plug in one end of the charger cable provided to you. The other end can plug into any USB power source. When charging, you will see a red and green light flashing alternatively in the metal piece. When the device is fully charged you will see a solid green light. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge your device and each full charge should last around 3-5 days.


Approximately how many steps would I achieve by walking to from my hotel to the conference or going on the Freedom Trail?

Great question. Click the PDF icon to download the ADA Walking Challenge Boston Map:


What do the red and green lights on the top metal part of the tracker signify?

  • Tap 3 times to pair or connect your tracker --> green flashing light

  • Unable to pair or connect your tracker --> red light (try 3x tap again)

  • Charging your device --> red and green flashing light

  • Device fully charged --> green constant light


What is the "Step Booster" button on the bottom of my app dashboard do?

You can also get a “step-booster” and an update on your Challenge stats (including your current ranking) by stopping by AstraZeneca’s booth (#105) and asking any of their staff to let you “scan-in.” To "scan-in", hit the step booster button and then click on “Capture QR Code” (you will need to allow the app access to your device’s camera). Then align the app viewer with the QR Code print out that the AstraZeneca staff will have. The code will automatically be detected and provide you with the results page. The first day you scan in you will get a 1K step booster. On the second day you will get a 2K step booster and 3K steps on third day. You can get updates on your Challenge stats as often as you want but you only get one step booster credit per day.


How ofter does the Leaderboard data get refreshed?

Every 10 minutes

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