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Heka Health is a venture-backed healthtech startup based in Silicon Valley.

We believe that the health and well-being of every individual can be enhanced through the transformative power of collaboration, connectivity, customization, and caring.


We focus on aligning the strength and interests of organizations and individuals across the currently siloed healthcare ecosystem to collaboratively develop impactful mobile health solutions that drive improved clinical outcomes while lowering the cost of care.


We utilize health sensors and mobile technology to more efficiently connect individuals and their data with the people and resources that can collectively support their overall wellbeing.


We create solutions that are highly customized to meet the targeted objectives of every initiative and combine data analytics with direct human intervention to provide end-users with highly personalized health insights and support.


Ultimately, we believe that passion and caring can make the biggest impact in healthcare. We bring this spirit to every Heka Health initiative and we seek like-minded partners who are inspired to make a difference.

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