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What additional features are available in the Challenge app?


To find the additional features included in your Challenge app, select the Menu button in the top right corner on the Summary or Leaderboard screens.

The additional features (beyond Account Settings and User Profile) are:

  • Find My Tracker: when selected your custom tracker will vibrate if it is within range of the app;

  • Feedback: please provide your feedback, questions, comments on your Challenge experience via the Feedback page; 

  • FAQ: find answers to commonly asked Challenge app related questions;

  • Team Leaderboard: (if applicable), a link to an in-app display of a ranking (based on average steps) of the groups/teams will appear.  

Note: The Top 5 Team leaders are updated approximately every 10 minutes and the local time zone is used. 

  • Log Out: logs you out of the app.

  • Other features may be available depending on your specific Challenge 

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