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AF OREF Activity Tracker

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How do I pair my Custom Heka Health Activity Tracker to the Challenge App?

How do I charge my Custom Heka Health Activity Tracker and how often?


When you first receive your tracker, please proceed to charge it by simply removing the black metal piece (the ‘pod’) from your tracker’s band. Once removed, you will see a small port in the 'pod; which you can plug in one end of the charger cable provided to you. The other end can plug into any USB power source. When charging, you will see a red and green light flashing alternatively in the ‘pod’.


It takes about 1 hour to fully charge your device. After charged, place the ‘pod’ back into the band of the tracker.  Each full charge should last around 4-6 days but we recommend charging the device on a daily basis at night.

Note that once the tracker is paired to the Challenge app (per the steps below), a battery indicator will be visible on the main dashboard screen in the upper right hand corner (see Image #1).

Image #1: Dashboard


After charging your activity tracker for the first time, you must pair it to your Challenge App. Pairing your tracker allows it to sync step data to your Challenge App. 

1.When initially setting up your app you will be presented with a ‘Select Tracker' page. Select the AF-OREF Tracker (see Image #2)

2. You will see your tracker serial number printed on the box you received your tracker in that will match up with the serial number displayed on the 'Select Tracker' page, (see Image #3). Select the matching number on the App screen to complete the pairing process.

3.Once paired, your app will display the main Walking Challenge dashboard (see Image #1). Note that you can select ‘Find My Tracker’ by going to ‘Account Settings’ within the navigation menu located in the top right corner of the dashboard. The tracker you just paired will vibrate. You can also ‘Un-pair’ your tracker and return to the ‘Select Tracker’ page.

Image #2: Select Tracker
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Image #3: Select Tracker
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