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Check your Current Apple Health Step Source and Re-Pair 

At registration in the Challenge app you are prompted to select your desired step tracker. To check your current step tracker data source:


1) Tap ☰ in the upper right corner of your Challenge app, and choose Account Settings from the Menu (Image #1).

2) Scroll down and view your 'Tracker' step source (Image #2)

Image #1: Account Settings
Image 1 account settings.jpg

If you would like to pair to a different step tracker, you can tap Unpair as shown in (Image #2).  

Note: when you pair to a new step source, only steps you take after you pair will be credited (i.e., you will not receive steps taken prior to pairing to your new step source).

To pair to a different Apple Health step source:

1) Select the Apple Health app as your tracker (Image #3)

2) Select which Apple device to use as a step source (Image #4)

Note: As Apple Health keeps a record of all past Health step sources make sure you check the '30-day Steps' and 'Last' fields under each step source to make sure you are pairing with a source that is actively tracking steps. As an example, in Image #4, the "Apple Watch: 3378" has not had any steps in the last 30-days and thus should not be selected as a step source.

3) Allow the Heka Well Challenge app to read step data from the Apple Health app

Note: You must activate the Apple Health app that is on your Apple iOS device before it will track steps. To activate, simply open the Apple Health app and follow the setup steps.

Image #3: Select Tracker
Image 3 select tracker.jpg
Image #4: Health App Source
Image #2: Account Settings
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