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Heka Health’s SMBP app is supported on the following mobile platforms:  Apple iOS 13, 14, and 15



What smart phones and tablets support the Heka SMBP app?


Heka Health is partnering with your healthcare provider to provide a connected health solution that allows you to take self measured blood pressure measurements (SMBP) and have them transmitted to your healthcare provider (HCP).  This will provide your HCP with easily accessible blood pressure measurements that may be used to diagnose, monitor or treat your high blood pressure. If you already have already been diagnosed with high blood pressure and are being treated, these blood pressure measurements can allow your physician to make changes to your treatment plan between office visits.


What is the objective of this program?


How do I setup the Heka SMBP app?

a) Download the Heka SMBP app from the app store

b) Click "Sign Up for New Account" on the app login page

c) Follow the registration prompts (if you are part of a healthcare provider program, you will need to get your Patient ID from your doctor's office during the program introduction session)



How do I pair the Bluetooth blood pressure monitor with my Apple device?

After registering or logging-in, you will be taken to the app's main Measurement dashboard.  Select the pull-down menu from the top left hand navigation bar and then select 'Device Setup.'  The app is currently setup to work with A&D Medical's UA-651BLE BP monitor.

Follow the instructions on the screen to pair your Apple product with the blood pressure monitor. Please note you will only have to pair your Apple product to the blood pressure monitor the first time you use the application.


If you want to pair the same blood pressure monitor to the app on another Apple product, we recommend that you first unpair the BP monitor from the existing connected Apple product. To unpair the BP monitor: 1) go to the Apple iOS settings page; 2) select 'Bluetooth';  3) select the 'info' button next to the A&D device listed under 'My Devices'; 4) select 'Forget This Device'



How do I take my blood pressure measurements?

Once your are registered and have paired your Blood Pressure monitor with your Apple device you are ready to start taking your BP measurements.

Start on your dashboard screen which shows you your progress towards performing today’s measurements and also how many days of measurements you have completed throughout the week. Press either 1st or 2nd set of measurements to complete those measurements for the day. Note that the app requires at least six hours between your 1st and 2nd set of measurements within a day.

Follow the onscreen instructions for taking your set of BP measurements. For the most accurate blood pressure measurement please rest quietly until the automatic timer reaches “0”. When the timer reaches “0” the you will be taken to the next screen.  You will be lead through two separate measurements one minute apart from each other.  Once completed, the app will show your the average of your BP and heart rate measurements in the 'Results' screen.  After reviewing your Results, select the 'Done' button to return to the dashboard screen.


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