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Social Connect

How to use Social Connect to Network

Connect to Network with Other Challenge Participants

1. For Challenges that include the Social Connect module, participants will be asked to respond to one “conversation starter” question during registration (e.g., what do you want to learn from other attendees at this event?).

2 . During the Challenge, press the Bonus Activities selector (Image #1) on either the Summary or Leaderboard pages;

  • Tap the Social Connect button (Image #2). Note that you need to be online in order to use Social Connect .

  • Either have your connecting Challenge participant scan your unique QR code that is displayed on your device, or  use the switch Connect Scan to scan their QR Code. (Image #3)

Image #2: Select Connect
All Bonus activities Screenshot 2020-04-
Image #3: Connection QR Code
Connect QR Code IMG_2131.PNG

3. Scan the other Challenge participant's QR code or display your QR code for them to scan;

  • Press Connect Scan and align the app viewer with the QR code and the code will automatically be detected and confirmed. 

  • Once you connect with another Challenge participant, both will receive a confirmation along with any bonus steps/points and the short Connect conversation starter response filled out during registration. 

To view a list of your connections (Image #4), press Connections .

Image #1: Bonus Activities
New UI Dashboard screen.PNG
Image #4: List of Connections
Connect List IMG_0315.PNG
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