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How to Utilize in-app 5K 

Submit your 5K Finish Time

1. Open the Challenge app and press the Bonus Activities selector (Image #1) on  the dashboard:

  • Tap 5K (Image #2) and manually enter your finish time by selecting the hh:mm:ss values from the list. Press Submit to upload your time and to make it available on the leaderboard. (Image #3)  

  • You will receive a confirmation message, click OK and you will be directed back to the dashboard in the app.

  • You can submit as many 5K race times as you would like but only your best 5K submitted time will display on the leaderboard. The leaderboard is updated approximately once every 10 minutes.

Image #1: Bonus Activites
5K summary screen.PNG
Image #2: Select 5K
5k Screen Leaderboard.PNG
Image #3: Submit 5K Time
5k Log time screen.PNG
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