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Email Connect

How to connect with others via email in the app

Email Connect

  1. Open the Challenge app and press the Bonus Activities selector (Image #1) on  the dashboard.

  2. Tap Email Connect (Image #2). (Alternate labels: Sponsor Connect, Heka Connect, Referrals.)

  3. The Email Connect form may be pre-filled, including your registered email address, or it may be editable allowing you to customize a recipient or message.

  • If the email form is pre-filled, review the content and tap Send (or Submit)

  • If the email form is editable (e.g., To, Subject, Message), complete the form and tap Send (or Submit)

  • You will receive a confirmation message, click OK and you will be directed back to the dashboard in the app.

  • Bonus steps, if any, will be added to your daily count on the Summary tab and Total Steps on the Leaderboard tab (after a short delay).

Image #2: Tap Email Connect
Screenshot_20210729-165533_Heka Well.jpg
Image #3: Send/Submit
Screenshot_20210729-170831_Heka Well.jpg
Image #1: Bonus Activities
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