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Lilly Challenge FAQs

Heka Health’s Walking Challenge app is supported on the following mobile platforms:


  • Apple iOS 8.0 and above on the following devices:  iPhone 4S and above, iPad Air, Mini, and 3rd & 4th generation iPads.

  • Android 4.4 and above on Android smart phones and tables (so long as the operating system has not been customized by the phone-tablet manufacturer).


Which mobile devices support the Walking Challenge app?

When initially setting up your app you will be presented with a 'Select Tracker' page (as shown in the first image). You will see your tracker serial number (printed on the box you received your tracker in) come up on the list. If there are other trackers nearby you may see those serial numbers listed as well.  The list is ordered by proximity of the tracker to your phone or tablet, so your tracker will typically show up at the top of the list.


Simply select your tracker’s serial number to start the pairing process.  Once paired, your app will display the main Walking Challenge dashboard.   Note that you can un-pair your tracker by going to ‘Account Settings’ within the navigation menu located in the top right corner of the dashboard.


Users can also use their own Fitbit or Jawbone devices (as well as the built-in step sensor in their smart phone) by selecting the area entitled 'Tap here to use your own tracker.'  



How do I pair my activity tracker to the app?


How can I use my own smart phone as a step tracking device?

All participants with the iOS and Android smart phone listed below can join the Walking Challenge using those devices’ built-in step sensors.


  • iOS 8.0 and above on iPhone 5s or later

  • Android 4.4 and above on any smart phones with a built in step sensor


To set-up your app to utilize your smart phone’s step sensor simply selecting your device’s name listed in the 'Personal Tracker' page (as shown in the second image).



How do I sync my step data to my app?

On the dashboard page of your app, click the top area entitled 'Tap to sync steps'. The app will connect to your tracker via Bluetooth LE (or via an Internet connection to Fitbit or Jawbone's cloud).  Once connected (the Bluetooth icon will be solid white), the app will start pulling the latest data from your tracker and will show data transfer progress via a blue line below the sync button.


If you are using your smart phone as your step tracker it will be periodically be updated with your latest step data.  You can also tap the sync button to re-sync the data. 



How do I charge my tracker and how often?

Simply remove the large metal piece from your tracker’s band. Once removed, you will see a small port in which you can plug in one end of the charger cable provided to you. The other end can plug into any USB power source. When charging, you will see a red and green light flashing alternatively in the metal piece. When the device is fully charged you will see a solid green light. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge your device. Each full charge should last around 3-5 days but we recommend charging the device on a daily basis at night.  You can always see your tracker’s battery status on the app’s dashboard page shown in the third image.


If you are using your smart phone as your step tracker it will be periodically be updated with your latest step data.  You can also tap the circle to manually sync the data. 



How does the Challenge Leaderboard data get refreshed?

Data on the leaderboard is refreshed approximately once every 5 minutes.



Additional Features

You can access the following additional features from the menu accessible via the top right menu.


  • Find My Tracker: when selected your tracker will vibrate if it is within range of the app;

  • Account Settings: enables updating of account settings including the ability to ‘un-pair’ your device if you wish to pair a new device to the app.

  • Feedback: please provide feedback on your Walking Challenge experience;

  • Leaderboard: for the current Challenge, displays your stats, overall stats, and a list of the top 25 steppers

  • Log Out: logs you out of the app.


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