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How do I pair Fitbit and Garmin as my Activity Tracker to the Challenge App?


Fitbit and Garmin

Select Fitbit or Garmin on the Select Tracker page (see images #1 & 2). Enter your email/username and password for your Fitbit / Garmin account and accept the sharing of your step data via the secure Oauth framework (see images #3-5 for example Garmin Oauth process, see image 6 for the initial screen of the Fitbit Oauth process).  


Once that is setup, your step data will be transferred from the Fitbit / Garmin cloud to the Challenge app when you click Tap to sync steps on the Summary Page in the Challenge App. 

NOTE 1: only steps taken AFTER you pair your Fitbit or Garmin tracker to the Challenge app will count toward the Challenge. So make sure you get setup before the Challenge period begins.


NOTE 2: the Challenge app gets step data directly from the Fitbit and Garmin clouds. If you do not see your new steps that you have taken on your Fitbit or Garmin tracker appear in the Challenge app after you click the "Tap to sync steps":

  1. check that your Fitbit or Garmin app has synced the data from your tracker

  2. check that your Fitbit cloud dashboard or Garmin Connect cloud has also received the updated step data. Also, make sure that you are using the same account (email-password login) to login into the Fitbit and Garmin cloud accounts that you used when pairing your Fitbit/Garmin account to the Challenge app.


NOTE 3: Steps from your Garmin tracker can get synched with the app quickly but it is sometimes very slow for it to sync up with the Garmin Connect cloud (which is what sends the data to the Challenge app).  In image #7 below (see red boxed area), you have to wait for that white line (on the synching progress icon on the left) to completely go around the circle to know that the Garmin Connect cloud has been updated.  

NOTE 4: if you select the settings "gear" on the top right side of the Fitbit Cloud dashboard  then click "Settings" and then click "Applications", you should see a screen showing which apps you have allowed to interact with your Fitbit account.  If you accidentally didn't select allow access for the Heka Well Challenge app during the pairing process, the Heka Well app won't show up on your screen as it does in image #8.

Image #1: Select Tracker (iOS)
iOS Pairing with New Images and UI.png
Image #2: Select Tracker (Android)
Android Select Tracker New UI.jpg
Image #3: Garmin Sign-In
Pairing with Garmin
Image #4: Garmin Data Share
Pairing Garmin
Image #5: Garmin Connect
Paring with Garmin
Image #6: Fitbit Sign-In
Pairing with Fitbit
Image #7: Garmin App Synching
Garmin sync annotated 041824.png
Image #8: Fitbit Cloud Application Access
Fitbit Application Access
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