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Installation of Google Fit


Verify or create a Google Account, and log in on your device


In order to use Google Fit as your activity tracker on your Android device, you will need a Google Account. If you do not have a Google Account, e.g., to use Gmail or download apps from Google Play, find instructions to create one here.


Download, install and set up the Google Fit app:


1. Download the latest version of Google Fit from Google Play here.

2. Open the Google Fit app and choose your Google account (Image1)

3. Set up your Google Fit profile

  • Provide information About You (Image 2)

  • Turn on Activity Tracking (Image 3)

  • Allow Google Fit to access your physical activity (Image 4)

4. Walk carrying your phone and verify steps are showing up in Google Fit app (Image 5)

Image #1: Choose Account
Image #2: About You
Image #3: Activity Tracking
Image #4: Allow Access
Screenshot_20211021-115646_Permission controller.jpg
Image #5: Log Steps
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