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Thank you to all participants for making the first HCCA Fitness Challenge at the HCCA’s 22nd Annual Compliance Institute Conference a healthy and fun competition. 
Over 6.2 million steps were taken just over 1.5 days by 364 Challenge participants. Special congratulations to the 234 steppers that exceeded the 10K step goal!  
Final Leaderboard Top Steppers
The top 3 steppers on the leader board won the following prizes:
  • 1st Place – Apple Watch

  • 2nd Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card 

  • 3rd Place - $75 Amazon Gift Card 

The six winners of the $25 Starbuck's Gift Card drawing were:​​​​​​​​

  • Angie O

  • ARP

  • Deb M

  • Jayjay

  • Lindsay Cates

  • NVisyak

Scan-In and Challenge Leaderboard at the SAI Global Booth
First 200 participants received a FREE Bluetooth Tracker
HCCA Fitness Challenge App
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