How to Use the in-app Instagram Module

Post to Instagram

1. In order to post to Instagram from the Challenge app, you must have the Instagram app installed and also be logged in to your Instagram account on your mobile phone.
The Challenge app will prompt you to install Instagram if it is not found on your device.


2. Open the Challenge app and press the Bonus Activities selector (Image #1) on either the Summary or Leaderboard pages:

  • Tap the Instagram button (Image #2). On your first use, you will need to allow the app access to your device's camera. If you have not given the app permission to access the camera, you may be presented with a black camera screen (on iOS), or get sent back to the app dashboard (on Android). Go to the Settings/Permissions of your device and allow access to the camera for the app. (Image #3, #4).

  • Align the app viewer and take a photo. Approve or retake.

  • Give the Challenge app permission to access your photos

3. Post and share the photo via the integrated Instagram module embedded in the Challenge app​​.

  • Launch Instagram. Tap OK (Image #5)


  • Crop, filter, add effects to your picture as desired


  • The event hashtags and/or handle are saved to the clipboard. On the New Post screen use the Paste function to add the default caption to your post (Image #6)

  • Before sharing, you have the option to include additional text with your post.

  • Share your post

  • Once the photo has been posted, you will receive a confirmation in the app and bonus steps/points, if any.


Content you submit, post, or display will be viewable by others and may be reshared.

Image #5: Launch Instagram
Image #6: Paste Caption
Image #1: Bonus Activities
Image #2: Select Instagram
Image #3: Access to Camera
Image #4: Access to Camera