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How do I reset the password to login to my Challenge account?

Follow the steps below to reset the password to your account and continue to participate in the Challenge. After the reset of your password you will be automatically logged in to the Challenge app.

1. Click on ‘Forgot Password’ on the Log In screen in the open Challenge app.

(Image #1)

2. Enter your email address that you are using for your Challenge account in the email field and click ‘Email me a Password Reset Token’, and the Reset Token will be sent to your email address. (Image #2)

3. Without closing the Challenge app, go to your email inbox and open the message from Heka Health Inc. to get the auto generated token for resetting your password. (Image #3)

4. Go back to the Challenge app and enter the token and the new password. After you have entered and confirmed your new password, click on ‘Reset my Password’. You will be automatically logged into the app after confirming the 'Password Reset message. (Image #4)


5. Congratulations! The password has been reset!

Image #1: Forgot Password
Image #2: Email me a Reset
Image #3: Open Email to get
a Reset Token
Image #4: Enter Reset Token and New Password

Challenge FAQ  >  Reset Password to Challenge Account