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Pairing Samsung Health via Health Connect on Heka Well or your custom-branded Challenge app

1) Choose "Samsung Health (via Android HealthConnect)" from the Select Tracker screen (Image 1)

  • This option will only be displayed if you have installed Android's new Health Connect app service. Health Connect is available on Google Play for Android 13 or lower, but is integrated in the Android operating system starting with Android 14. Note that Google still has Health Connect in Beta status.


2) Allow Heka Well to access Health Connect (Image 2

  • Heka Well is only requesting to read "Steps" data so you can select either the "Allow all" or "Steps" toggle

3) You will then be automatically transferred to the Challenge Summary page (Image 3

3) Walk with your phone for ~15 minutes and then sync steps with the Challenge app by clicking "Tap to sync steps/points" (Image 3)

  • Note that it sometimes takes Health Connect several extra minutes to be updated by Samsung Health.

4) Your steps displayed on the Challenge Summary page should match the steps shown in both Health Connect (Image 4and Samsung Health (Image 5  

Image #1: Select Tracker
Screenshot_20240708_113739_Heka Well_edited.jpg
Image #2: Access to Health Connect
Image #3: Summary Page
Screenshot_20240708_114833_Heka Well.jpg
Image #4: Health Connect Step Data
Image #5: Samsung Health Step Data
Screenshot_20240708_114842_Samsung Health.jpg

Additional Instructions and Troubleshooting

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