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When do I transfer my step data to the Challenge app?

After installing the Challenge app, completing the in-app registration and selecting your activity tracker, you should start transferring your steps to the app.


Tap the top area entitled Tap to sync steps on the Summary page which can be reached by pressing the symbol in the bottom of the left corner of your app. The app will connect to your tracker that you have paired with and start pulling the latest data from your activity tracker.

Step data from 3rd party trackers like Fitbit and Garmin require that step data from their tracking devices are first synced with their own app and cloud servers.  Thus we recommend that you leave your 3rd party app open in the background so that data gets automatically synced. 


Note: There can be up to a 15 minute delay in Garmin step data transfers. 


Please make sure you are actively logged into the Challenge app and sync your step data frequently, at least one time a day as some data sources will not provide step data that is over 24 hours old.In addition, also sync your steps before the Challenge ends to ensure all steps are transferred.

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