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How to Use the in-app Twitter Module

Post a Tweet 

1. Open the Challenge app and press the Bonus Activities selector (Image #1) on either the Summary or Leaderboard pages:

  • Tap the Tweet button (Image #2). On your first use, you will need to log into your Twitter account or create an account if you are new to Twitter.  Also allow the app access to your device's camera..

  • Align the app viewer and take a photo. 

2. Post the photo via the integrated Twitter module embedded in the Challenge app​​

  • The photo will automatically be tagged with your program's Twitter handle(s).

  • Once the photo has been Tweeted, you will receive a confirmation and bonus steps/points, if any.


Content you submit, post, or display will be able to be viewed by others and may be retweeted.

Image #1: Bonus Activites
New UI Dashboard screen.PNG
Image #2: Select Tweet
Bonus activities IMG_2120.PNG
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