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Inspirational story from the ACI Worldwide Virtual Wellness Challenge January 2021 

I really want to thank those that put together the ACI Worldwide Global Sales Kickoff (GSKO) Wellness Challenge. I broke the cuboid bone in my foot multiple times in 2020 and was put in a boot for 4 months; all of September, October, November and December. Being sedentary for 4 months was horrible both mentally and physically. After my boot came off I was afraid to do anything because I didn't want to reinjure my foot and be stuck in a boot again or require surgery.


The ACI GSKO #WellnessChallenge is what finally got me moving again...and it felt SO GOOD!!! If it wasn’t for that push I would still be using the chance of reinjuring my foot as an excuse…the wellness challenge proved to me my body was ready to go. In two days I ran the equivalent of 2 marathons! I did not run it all at once but I ran as soon as I got up, I ran during my breaks/lunch, I ran after work, I ran just before felt so good I just kept running. I completed more than 55 miles and 121,462 steps during ACI GSKO and while I am not running the equivalent of a marathon everyday, I am finally active again. 


I had many worthy competitors and came in a solid 5th place on the leaderboard. 5th place never felt so good! I ran my first and only marathon 5 years ago. Thanks to the inspiration of the ACI GSKO #WellnessChallenge, I have decided to run an actual organized marathon in 2021.   Not only that, but since the start of the wellness challenge I have lost an astonishing 12 pounds…yep, 12 pounds in 2 ½ weeks!  I am eating better than I have in a year and I am moving every day!  I ran 3 ½ miles this morning and I am hitting the gym with my 13 year old son this evening.  My husband said I am happier (he is right, but I am glad it shows), the dog is definitely happier now that she is getting walks all the time and I have a new activity to bond with my teenage son over. 


It really has made a huge impact in my life.  Thank you for getting me moving again!!!!

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