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20.4 million steps taken over 3 1/2 days by participants in the American Diabetes Association third annual Walking Challenge at the 77th Scientific Sessions in San Diego June 9-12, 2017!

The Challenge was graciously supported by AstraZeneca to encourage attendees to “walk the talk” and engage in some friendly competition.  

Final Leaderboard Top 5 Steppers

New American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions Walking Challenge Records:

  • Total participants steps of 20.4M exceeded previous two year's cumulative step totals of 17.3M (New Orleans 2016) and 13.8M (Boston 2015)

  • 52 participants reached the goal of 77K steps (in honor of the 77th anniversary of the ADA Scientific Sessions) exceeding the 32 participants reaching 76K steps and 37 participants hitting 75K steps in previous Challenges 

  • Top stepper KFWright's total of 221,114 steps (~110 miles over 3 1/2 days) exceeded previous years' top stepper totals of 179,196 steps (New Orleans 2016) and 164,984 (Boston 2015)

Congratulations to the 77K Step Goal Attainers!

First 1,200 participants received an ADA Bluetooth Tracker

Step Data Synched to ADA SS77 Challenge App

Challenge activation code:  AZ1135

See ADA Challenge registration & instruction page

Scan-In and Challenge Leaderboard at AstraZeneca Booth

Online & Social Engagement

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