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#Steps2MentalHealth Challenge


See where we're headed on the itinerary below. Follow our progress on the map as we circle the globe

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1) Download the "Heka Well" app on your mobile device*:

Heka Well App Icon for Challenge Webpage

2) Complete the in-app registration, user profile and pairing process

  • Launch the Heka Well app and select #Steps2MentalHealth from the Challenge list

  • Complete the Registration form: Enter email address, name and password

  • Complete the User Profile form: Choose a nickname 

  • Pair your activity tracker (Heka Well integrates step activity data from Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, your own iOS or Android smart device via Apple Health or Google Fit, and custom-branded Heka Health trackers)

  • Please refer to the Challenge FAQ Webpage for further instructions on pairing your device

3) Start Walking! 

  • To sync your step data to the app, select "Tap to sync steps" at the top of the Summary tab​  

    • Please make sure you are actively logged into the Challenge app and SYNC YOUR STEP DATA FREQUENTLY, AT LEAST ONE TIME PER DAY as some data sources will not provide step data that is over 24 hours old

    • Note that your steps will only count from the time you first pair your step tracker

If you have any questions, contact your Challenge coordinator or email us at 

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