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How to chat with others in the app

1. Open the Challenge app and press the Bonus Activities selector (Image #1) on  the dashboard.

2. Tap Chat (Image #2).

3. To post a message, enter text in the Enter Message field and tap the send arrow (Image #3).

  • You can also add an image or short video (under 4 MB) by pressing the "+" icon next to the Enter Message field

  • To delete or edit your message, long-press the message and select from the pop-up menu (Image #4).


4. If chat has been active in the Challenge before you first enter, you will see messages from other participants. Scroll up to see history.

  • Messages are displayed with each participant's Challenge nickname above and avatar (if set) to the left. (See below to Upload an Avatar).

  • To add a reaction emoji or copy a message, long-press the message and select from the pop-up menu (Image #5).

Image #1: Bonus Activities
Image #2: Choose Chat
Image #3 Enter message
Image #4  Edit/Delete
Image #5  React/Copy

Upload an Avatar. When you first registered in the Challenge, you were given the opportunity to upload a picture to you User Profile (Image #9). If you did so, the picture will appear as your personal avatar in the title bar of the Chat screen and next to Chat messages you post as viewed by other participants.

1. To upload or change your avatar, access your User Profile from the menu in the upper right corner of the Challenge app.

2. Click Tap to Change.

3. Choose a picture from your device's files or photo library. Tap Select or Choose.


4. Tap Save.

Image #9 Upload/Change Avatar
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