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Inspirational story from Maritz's WellBeing Challenge at the virtual NEXT event, February 2021 
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Leslie McKee, Vice President, Design Studio at Maritz

The WellBeing Challenge was an absolute game changer for me.  I am pretty competitive and also was very motivated by the organization (Above and Beyond Foundation) that we were donating to with our collective steps.  I decided from the beginning that I wanted to land in the top 3 and as the month went by, I stayed really motivated as I could track everyone’s progress. 

This program motivated me to get off the couch and walking.  I gained huge benefits as I started to tone up, have a lot more energy but also realized that I felt so much better mentally.  I joked to a friend that this program had pulled me out of my “February Funk” by getting me moving. 


I think every company would benefit from a program such as this for their employee’s overall health, but also their mental health.  I also loved the gratitude journal.  I started every morning by recording the things I am grateful for, and that was really a great way to start my day.   The challenge is over, but I am now back to walking daily and continue to keep my gratitude journal.  This has been a great experience for me and am so appreciative of the opportunity to participate. 

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