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View Team and Team Member Rankings on In-app Team Leaderboard 

  1. Open the Menu from the top right corner on the Summary or Leaderboard screens.

  2. Select Team Leaderboard (It may have a customized name for your Challenge, e.g., Chapter or District Leaderboard) to view:

  • The rankings of all Challenge teams based on the average steps per team member. Your step activity, if any, will be included in the average calculation for the team you selected during registration. See where your team ranks relative to all the teams in the Challenge.

Note: Team members who have yet to accumulate steps are not included in the team average steps calculation.

  • The rankings of the members within your team based on each individual's cumulative steps. Beneath the team rankings, see where you and your teammates stand in the rankings just for your team!


  • If you have selected an incorrect team or need to switch teams, you may do so in your User Profile.​

  • To view the cumulative rankings of the top 25 or 50 participants across all teams, go to the Leaderboard tab on the in-app dashboard.

View Team Leaderboard
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