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In-app Yoga Video Sessions

  • Participants engage in a 6-8 minute yoga session and earn bonus Challenge points

  • Choose from a range of programming:

    • ­Gentle Beginner Yoga: this seven minute session is designed for those who are new to yoga, but all levels are welcome.  We will focus on releasing tension, connecting with the breath and helping you gain strength, flexibility and a centering of the mind. We will hold yoga postures with slight variations to accommodate all levels of students. All you need is a mat or even a rug will do! Comfortable clothes recommended.

    • ­Standing Yoga: this six minute session can be done anywhere, without a mat. We will connect to the breath as we step into two standing yoga poses.  We will loosen tight shoulders and open the chest, while strengthening the legs. We will slow down the breath as we ground our feet.

    • ­Intermediate (all levels) Yoga:  this seven minute session begins by connecting to your breath during an active full body warm up.  We will move into a few strength-building yoga postures, strengthening your legs and core muscles. Class will finish with relaxing stretches for your hips, back and shoulders.

    • ­Advanced (level 3-4) Yoga:  this six minute session is targeted to those who have practiced yoga before.  We will begin by deepening the breath while we lengthen the sides of the body, then loosen the shoulders and the hips.   We will move into a few strength-building yoga postures, targeting core and shoulder muscles. Class ends with a forearm balance followed by some centering breaths.


Custom-designed Yoga Sessions

  • In-person or live streamed sessions

  • Custom created sessions to focus on your key area of focus (e.g., at your desk, for your back, for stress relief, for centering your mind, for tight hips, for "tech neck”)

  • Utilize your own existing yoga video sessions

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