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Join the ACHA Walking Challenge at the 2018 Annual Conference in Washington DC

The Challenge has been graciously sponsored in part by the American College Health Foundation Aetna Student Health Fund and encourages attendees to engage in healthy activities and some friendly competition!

The ACHA Challenge starts on Thursday May 31, 2018 at 7:00am EDT and ends Friday June 1, 2018 at 6:00pm EDT.    Participants can track their steps using their own personal Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple Watch, Garmin, or the step trackers integrated on your iPhone/Android smart phone (i)


To join the Walking Challenge, please:  

1) Download the Heka Walk app from the iTunes or Google Play Store;

  • Click here to download the app from the Apple App Store (iOS requires Safari browser)

  • Click here to download the app from the Google Play Store

2) Complete the in-app registration and pairing process

  • Launch the Heka Walk app and complete the registration process

    • The non-case sensitive activation code is:  ACHA2018

  • Pair your supported step tracker (see the Challenge FAQ Webpage for details)

3) Start Walking! 

  • To sync your step data to the app, select "Tap to sync steps" at the top of the dashboard

4) Scan QR Codes to receive step boosters! (locations listed below)

The top 25 Steppers will be entered into a raffle to win a fitness bundle with yoga mat, resistance bands, and water bottle.

Scan the six (6) QR Codes located throughout the Conference hall and receive bonus steps each day to support your Challenge efforts (ii)

6 Booster Locations:
  • American College Health Foundation Table = 300 Steps

  • CHP Student Health Booth 315 = 300 Steps

  • Aetna Booth 203 = 200 Steps

  • BrainScope Booth 608 = 200 Steps

  • Community Service Project Table = 100 Steps

  • 1 Roving QR Code (random location in conference hall) on Thursday, May 31 and Friday June 1 = 150 Steps​

If you have any questions, email us at 

(i) The Walking Challenge app requires iOS 9.0 and above on the following devices:  iPhone 4S and above, iPad Air, Mini, and 3rd & 4th generation iPads. Android requirements: Android 4.5 and above that have not been customized by the phone-tablet manufacturer. Users may also use their own FitBit, Jawbone, iPhone/Android smart phone or Apple Watch step counters.

(ii) To scan:  select the 'Scan-In' button located on the main dashboard of the Challenge app and then the 'Capture QR Code' link on the scan-in app page.  Simply align the scan-in camera viewer with the QR code and it will be automatically detected and provide you with the results page​.

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