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Join the APHSA Wellness Challenge
August 22 - November 18, 2021

Participate in some friendly competition with your peers as you work your way up the leaderboard and try to achieve the Challenge Step Level Goals to win prizes!


The APHSA Wellness Challenge kicks off on Sunday, August 22 at 12:01 am ET and ends on Thursday, November 18 at 11:59 pm ET. 


This year the Challenge will be run in 3 Sessions that span and include the various upcoming APHSA Conferences planned for late summer and fall 2021. You may participate in one, two or all three Sessions; attendance at the Conferences is not required

Session 1: August 22 - September 18

  • Starts simultaneously with and extends beyond the Economic Mobility and Well-Being Conference (Aug 22-25)

Session 2: September 19 - October 16

  • Spans both the ISM Conference (Sept 26-29) and NSDTA Annual Education Conference (Oct 3-6)

Session 3: October 17 - November 18

  • Starts simultaneously with and extends beyond the AAHHSA Annual Education Conference (Oct 17-20)


Participants can track their steps using their own personal Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, or the step trackers integrated on their iPhone/Android smartphone via Apple Health or Google Fit. *


1) Download the 'Heka Well' App:


2) Launch the Heka Well app and select APHSA Wellness Challenge from the list.

3) Complete the registration, user profile and pairing process:
  • Register: Create an account. Enter your email and a password.
  • User Profile: Choose a Nick Name and a distance unit
  • Pair a Tracker: See the FAQ for details on how to connect a tracker
4) Start Stepping!
  • To sync your step data to the app, select Tap to sync steps at the top of the dashboard
  • Note that your steps will only count from the time you first pair your step tracker
  • Please sync your step data at least once a day as some data sources will not provide step data that is over 24 hours old




Work your way up the Challenge Leaderboard and compete for prizes both by walking and scanning in to earn step boosts! Once the Challenge has started, select the Bonus Activities** icon and tap Scan-In.

  • CGI Scan-In: Search and find the sponsor CGI QR code on the CGI website, the Convention floors, or maybe in an email or on social media and scan in daily for a 1,000-step boost! That adds up to a possible 89,000 bonus steps!!

  • APHSA Scan-InSearch and find the APHSA QR code on the virtual platform, the convention web sites or floors, or maybe in an email or on social media and scan in daily for a 500-step boost! That adds up to a possible 44,500 bonus steps!!


Top Steppers

  • The Top 6 steppers on the Leaderboard at the end of each Session (Sep18, Oct 16, Nov 18) will be entered into a drawing for one or more prizes. Step counts are not cumulative from session to session.

  • The nine (9) participants made up of the Top 3 steppers from each of the three Sessions will also be entered into a random drawing for a grand prize (after Nov 18).

Exciting prizes to be announced soon!

Step Level Goals


Challenge yourself to reach the following Step Levels set for each of the three Challenge Sessions. Participants who reach the levels by the end of each Session will be entered into random drawings for prizes, one winner per level each Session. Steps may be accumulated both by walking and by earning Scan-In boosts (see above). Step counts are not cumulative from session to session.

Session #1 and Session #2 (ending Sep 18 and Oct 16; 28 days each):

Level 1: 170,000+ steps (~6,000 steps/day including boosts)

Level 2: 310,000+ steps (~11,000 steps/day including boosts)

Session #3 (ending Nov 18; 33 days):

Level 1: 200,000+ steps (~6,000 steps/day including boosts)

Level 2: 365,000+ steps (~11,000 steps/day including boosts)


Exciting prizes to be announced soon!




The Leaderboard below, also viewable in the Challenge app, rotates among the Top 25 steppers. Data is updated every 10 minutes once the Challenge begins. The Leaderboard will be reset at the start of each Challenge Session.

If you have any questions visit the Challenge FAQ or  email 

* Supported devices and operating systems

***  Bonus Activities

  1. On the Challenge app's Summary screen, tap the Bonus Activities selector.

  2. Press Scan-In button and follow the app instruction to receive your bonus steps. 

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