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Verify Google Fit Steps and Account

1) Open your Google Fit app by clicking on the Google Fit app icon (Image 1) on your Android Phone. If you don't have Google Fit installed yet, see Installation of Google Fit instructions

2) Verify your current day's step count in Google Fit (Image 2 red arrow).

Note: when you pair to a new step source (e.g., Google Fit), only steps you take after you pair will be credited (i.e., you will not receive steps taken prior to pairing to your new step source).

3) Verify which Google Fit account is tracking you steps by clicking the user icon in the top right corner (Image 2 green arrow) and viewing the email listed (Image 3 green arrow). That email should match the Google Fit account you paired with in the Challenge App (see Image 4 green arrow) during the Pairing Google Fit with the Challenge app process.


To unpair and then repair your Google Fit account in the Challenge app, click here.

Image #2: Google Fit
Image #3: Google Fit Account Email
Image #4: Google Fit Account Pairing
Image #1: Google Fit App Icon
Google Fit
Google Fit app
Google Fit Account Information
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