Pair Google Fit as your activity tracker


  1. Choose Google Fit from the Select Tracker screen (Image1)

  2. Allow the Challenge app access to your physical activity (Image2)

  3. Choose a Google Account. If you have more than one account, choose the one logged into Google Fit (Image 3)

  4. Allow the Challenge app access to your Google Account. (Image 4)

  5. Walk with your phone and sync steps with the Challenge app. Tap to sync steps (Image 5)

Image #1: Select Tracker

Pairing Google Fit with the Challenge app (Heka Well or your custom-branded app)


Install or update the Google Fit app


In order to pair Google Fit as an activity tracker, you must first install or update the Google Fit app on your device. See Installation of Google Fit instructions.

Image #2: Allow Access
Image #3: Choose Account
Screenshot_20211021-121607_Google Play services.jpg
Image #4: Google Access
Screenshot_20211021-121913_Google Play services.jpg
Image #5: Sync Steps
Screenshot_20211022-125940_Heka Well.jpg

Additional Troubleshooting 


  1. "Network Issue" error message when pairing to Google Fit (Image 6): typically caused by phone not be fully connected to the Internet, including potential firewall issues that may specifically block the Google Fit connection (e.g., at an airport or at work)

Image #6: Network Issue