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Announcing the HLTH 2018 Walking Challenge!
Sponsored by DISCOVER®
Participate in some friendly competition amongst your peers as you work your way up the leader board and win prizes at the HLTH 2018 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas!
Stop by the Walking Challenge table by the Information Desk on the 2nd Level to pick up a special gift from Discover for signing up for the Walking Challenge!
The HLTH Walking Challenge will start on Sunday, May 6 at 1:00 pm PT and end on Wednesday, May 9 at 5:00 pm PT.   Participants can track their steps using their own personal Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple Watch, Garmin, or the step trackers integrated on your iPhone/Android smart phone (i)    
To join simply:  
1) Download the the HLTH Walking Challenge app from the iTunes or Google Play Store:
>  Click here to download the app from the Apple App Store (iOS requires Safari browser)
>  Click here to download the app from the Google Play Store
2) Complete the in-app registration and pairing process
> Launch the HLTH Walking Challenge app and complete registration fields
> Pair your supported step tracker (see the Challenge FAQ Webpage for details)

Challenge Prizes

The top 5 steppers will each win an Amazon gift card valued at $250.


The Walking Challenge app requires iOS 9.0 and above on the following devices:  iPhone 4S and above, iPad Air, Mini, and 3rd & 4th generation iPads. Android requirements: Android 4.5 and above that have not been customized by the phone-tablet manufacturer. Users may also use their own FitBit, Jawbone or iPhone/Android smart phone step counters.​