How do I pair the Challenge App to Apple Health and choose my Step Tracker?

When you first register in the Heka Well Challenge app, you will be presented with a Select Tracker option. 

As an iOS user you will:

1) Select the Apple Health app as your tracker (Image #1)

2) Select which Apple device to use as a step source (Image #2)

3) Allow the Heka Well Challenge app to read step data from the Apple Health app


Note: You must activate the Apple Health app that is on your Apple iOS device before it will track steps. To activate, simply open the Apple Health app and follow the setup steps.


1. Select Apple Health as Step Tracker

At registration in the Challenge app you are prompted to select the step tracker. Follow these instructions to check your connection with Apple Health and your step data source. 


  1. Tap ☰ in the upper right corner of the Heka Well app, and choose Account Settings from the Menu (Image #3).


2. Scroll down and validate your Tracker information. If necessary, you can tap Unpair as shown in (Image #4), to change step tracker (e.g. to  another Apple Watch or iPhone device of yours).

Image #4: Account Settings
Image 2 Unpair tracker.jpg


3. On the Select Tracker screen choose Apple's Health App (Image #1).


4. On the Health App Step Sources choose your Apple device source (if there is more than one entry, choose the most recently active one indicated by the phone or watch icon and time: Last: ##:##), (Image #2).


5. Walk a bit and sync with Apple Health, tap to Sync Steps in Heka Well. Verify that steps appear on the Summary page in the Challenge app. If not, move on to the next section and validate which Apple device that Apple Health is tracking as step data source.

Image #1: Select Tracker
Image 3 select tracker.jpg
Image #2: Health App Source
Image 4 Health App Sources.jpg
Image #3: Account Settings
Image 1 account settings.jpg

2. Select which Apple device Apple Health is tracking as step data source


Apple Health can track step data from multiple sources. Thus, the total number of steps shown in your Apple Health app may be a sum total of steps from more than one source. As the Challenge app will only sync step data from one designated data source it is important to verify your step data source.


Follow the instructions below to designate your data source:

1. Open Apple Health on your device


2. Verify Apple Health is activated. If not, follow the instructions to do so.


3. On the Summary page, under Favorites tap Steps. (If Steps does not appear, tap Edit in the upper right corner, select Steps, and tap Done), (Image #5).


4. On the Steps Summary, scroll down and tap Show All Data, (Image #6).

Image #5: Apple Health
Apple Health image 1.jpg


5. Tap on any date.

6. You will see a list of blocks of steps identified on the left by their data source, either a Watch or an iPhone icon. If there is a mix, then Apple Health is tracking steps from both sources. Only steps from the source designated at pairing with Heka Well are credited. (Image #7).

Image #7: Steps Blocks
Apple Health image 3.jpg


7. If Apple Health is tracking steps from multiple sources, i.e. both your iPhone and Apple Watch, you will need to update your designated step tracker.


8. Back up to Steps Summary, (Image #6) and scroll down and tap Data Sources & Access and scroll down to the list of Data Sources and verify your designated Apple

 device appears at the top of list. If it is lower in the list, move it to the top: Tap Edit, drag and Move the device up, tap Done), (Image #9).


9. Walk with your Apple device and verify that steps turn up in the Apple Health app on your iPhone. (You need not carry your iPhone when using your Apple Watch as a tracking device, but Apple Watch must be in proximity to your iPhone to sync with Apple Health on order to sync with Heka Well.)

Image #6: Summary Steps
Apple Health image 2.jpg
Image #9: Data Access
Apple Health image 6.jpg

Additional Troubleshooting