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Image #1: Select Tracker

How do I pair the Challenge App to my iPhone or Apple Watch using the Apple Health app?

When you first register in the Heka Well Challenge app, you will be presented with a Select Tracker option. 

As an iOS user you will:

1) Select either your iPhone or Apple Watch as your tracker (Image #1)

2) Select which iPhone or Apple Watch account to use as a step source (Image #2)

  • NOTE 1: As Health keeps a record of all past Health step sources make sure you check the '30-day Steps' and 'Last' fields under each step source to make sure you are pairing with a source that is actively tracking steps. As an example, in Image #2, the "Apple Watch: 3378" has not had any steps in the last 30-days and thus should not be selected as a step source.

3) Allow the Heka Well Challenge app to read step data from the Apple Health app

  • NOTE 2: You must activate the Apple Health app that is on your Apple iOS device before it will track steps. To activate, simply open the Apple Health app and follow the setup steps.

4) Walk for ~15 minutes and then tap to Sync Steps in Challenge app.

  • Verify that steps appear on the Summary page in the Challenge app (Image #3).

  • If not, open the Apple Health app to confirm that the steps have been recorded there.

  • Note that Apple Watch needs to sync with Apple Health first in order to get those steps into the Challenge app. To ensure proper synching with Apple Health, your Apple Watch must be in proximity to your iPhone.

Image #2: iPhone or Watch Account to Pair
Image #3: Summary Page
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