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Drive reduced hospital readmissions more cost effectively by utilizing

enhanced discharge processing, remote patient monitoring, and

analytics tailored to your specific environment and processes.

Readmission Reduction Study with Physicians from Stanford Medical

and Sharp Healthcare

HekaHealth is partnering with physicians from leading healthcare institutions to leverage mobile technology to reduce hospital readmission rates.

Example Readmission Reduction Modules

Connected Health Sensors

ConnectedCare and Analytics Engine

Custom Cloud Services


3rd Party Systems & Services

Custom Mobile Apps & Kiosk Stations

Wireless sensors for multi-user, clinical settings or “at home” self-monitoring

  • Track key vitals such as blood pressure, weight, activity, sleep, glucose, and lung air capacity using best-in-class connected devices tailored to your program’s requirements

Custom ‘White-Labeled’ Apps & Kiosks

Track key vitals on both iOS & Android devices* with the option to include functional modules such as:

  • Clinically validated protocols, guidelines, and algorithms from leading health institutions

  • Trusted 3rd-party educational content and tools including data repository integrations (e.g., air quality data by geographical location)

  • Medication tracking

  • In-app messaging

  • Clinical assessments & quality of life surveys

  • QR scanning (‘scan-in’ at key locations or activities)

  • ConnectedCare: more efficiently connect and coordinate care support between individuals and their friends & family, their health care teams (e.g., community  mentors, nurses, pharmacists, doctors), and other patients

  • Analytics Engine: combine data analytics with direct human intervention to provide endusers with highly personalized health insights and support.

Custom Cloud Interfaces & Services

  • Cloud-based access to real-time data for individuals as well as their ConnectedCare community

  • Secure data integration with 3rd party systems such as EMR-EHRs and population management tools

Turnkey Program Management and Valued-Added Services

  • Local community outreach and engagement support

  • On-site staffing and on-going program support

  • Custom add-ons

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