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Deeply engage with your target audiences while building stronger community bonds and promoting healthy lifestyles. Whether conducted in-person or virtually, programs such as our popular Wellness Challenges align and connect organizers, supporters, and participants in fun and innovative ways.

American Diabetes Association (ADA) Walking Challenge

In collaboration with the ADA and AstraZeneca, Heka Health powered the ADA’s
75th Anniversary Walking Challenge.
Example Wellness Challenge Program Modules

Custom Leaderboard &

Cloud Based Services

Custom Wireless Sensors

3rd Party Systems

Custom, 'White-Labeled' Apps  & Kiosks

Custom Wireless Sensors

  • Wireless activity-sleep trackers with custom colored bands and clasp engravings


  • Optionally utilize other 3rd party trackers (e.g., Fitbit, Jawbone) or step data directly from user’s smart phones-tablets

Custom, ‘White-Labeled’ Apps

Track personal metrics with an option to add functional modules such as:

  • QR scanning (‘scan-in’ at key locations and activities)

  • Custom content integration

  • Fund-raising support

  • In-app messaging

  • Sleep monitoring

Option for users to sync data at Kiosk stations at live events to enable users with unsupported smart devices (e.g., Blackberry, Windows) to still participate in the Challenge.

Custom Leader Board and Cloud-Based Services

  • Real-time results via dedicated, secure website, and large event displays

  • Integrate data with other 3rd-party applications

Turnkey Program Management & Valued-Added Services

  • Program promotion and on-going communications

  • Participant incentive development and management

  • On-site staffing and support

  • Challenge results and summary analysis

  • Custom add-ons (e.g., printed or online local walking maps or scavenger hunts)

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