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Clinically validated protocols and trusted 3rd-party content, tools, and

services combined with Heka Health’s mobile health platform drive better health outcomes and improved quality metrics such as employer-member satisfaction, at lower costs. Heka Health provides a range of custom tailored solutions to fit your organization’s requirements, including:

  • Wellness Challenges and Health Engagement Programs

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Population Health Management

  • Readmissions Reduction


American Diabetes Association (ADA) Walking Challenge

In collaboration with the ADA and AstraZeneca, Heka Health powered the ADA’s 75th Anniversary Walking Challenge.

American Heart Association (AHA)

Hypertension Management Program

The AHA, A&D Medical, and Heka Health collaborated to develop custom, connected blood pressure stations in support of the AHA’s objective to help 13.6+ million Americans take control of their high blood pressure by 2020.

Readmission Reduction Study with Physicians from Stanford Medical

and Sharp Healthcare

Heka Health is partnering with physicians from leading healthcare institutions to leverage mobile technology to reduce hospital readmission rates.

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