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Bonus Step Activities

Welcome to NEXT&! We are thrilled you are here in Seattle with us.  During NEXT&, we invite you to participate in the Maritz Global Events Wellbeing Challenge powered by Heka Health. This year’s Challenge gives you the opportunity to get to know your fellow guests and focus on taking good care of yourself by concentrating on the Maritz Global Events 5 Dimensions of Wellbeing. Registration is easy!  

Join in the fun and win prizes just for taking care of yourself during NEXT&!

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There are several ways to increase your steps thru Bonus Activities. These activities are based on Maritz Global Events’ 5 Dimensions of Wellbeing to help you think specifically about the many aspects of your life and keep it all in balance. When you engage in these activities and use the Challenge app,  you earn bonus steps which increase your overall step count and accelerates you to the top of the Leaderboard.


Curriculum of You

New at NEXT&, we are introducing our latest wellbeing product “Curriculum of You”.  This educational series is centered around Maritz Global Events' 5 Dimensions of Wellbeing. It is more than education. It is an immersive experience.  Learning the how and doing it at the same time. At NEXT&, we are concentrating on Personal Wellbeing and giving you time for your physical and mental wellbeing. Many are traveling for the first time since the start of the pandemic and we want you to be comfortable throughout your experience. Enjoy this new offering and provide feedback as we grow the product for our clients. 

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Move up on the Leaderboard quicker by participating in the NEXT& Activities and you can reach over 30,000 bonus steps.


1. PERSONAL WELLBEING - Caring for yourself

Curriculum of You Classes - Wednesday 8/18, Thursday 8/19, and Friday, 8/20 AM Classes

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  • Walking Club (W & TH) – Gather each morning in the Hyatt Regency Seattle lobby and our Pinnacle Partner, Marriott International, will lead the team on a 1 or 3-mile walk throughout the city via the Westin Run Concierge Program. The walk will start off at the Hyatt Regency and end at the Westin Seattle where you will enjoy a refreshment break and a towel. Your walk back to the Hyatt Regency Seattle will be a nice 2-minute cool down.

  • Running Club (W & TH) – Gather each morning in the Hyatt Regency Seattle lobby and our Pinnacle Partner, Marriott International, will lead the team on a 3K or 5K run throughout the city via the Westin Run Concierge Program. The run will start off at the Hyatt Regency and end at the Westin Seattle where you will enjoy a refreshment break and a towel. Your walk back to the Hyatt Regency Seattle will be a nice 2-minute cool down.

  • Beginner’s Yoga (W & TH) - A Hatha yoga class is a perfect start for new yogis.  Hatha is for those who believe slow and steady wins the race. Moving mindfully through a series of postures, this Hatha class features more standing and balancing poses with longer holds. This practice builds lower body strength, a strong foundation for balance, and overall increased flexibility. Though the pace is great for those newer to yoga, expect a challenge at any experience level. This class will be held at the Hyatt Regency Seattle.

  • Intermediate Yoga (W & TH) -In this Hot Yoga Power Vinyasa class, expect to find strength and fluidity through a strong, breath-driven flow. This all-levels practice cultivates focus, alignment, stamina, and flexibility. Power Vinyasa classes feature an upbeat soundtrack, challenging sequences, heartfelt messages, and a sense of humor to inspire us as we move off our mat and into the world. Power Yoga classes are heated to 95-105 degrees. This class will be held at the Urban Yoga Spa located at 1900 4th Ave Seattle – a 6-minute walk from the Hyatt Regency Seattle.

  • Self Defense (W & TH) – In this active education session and workout, expect to learn a self-defense mindset including awareness, instincts, and becoming less of a target. Learn the physical/social gray-area drills, how to manage encroachment from someone you do not know, practice a stun, and run option to facilitate escape and basic striking mechanics. The goal with this class is to give you the tools that you never know if and when you will need. A good tool to have in your toolbelt of taking good care of you.  This class will be held at the Hyatt Regency Seattle.

  • Yoga Before You Go (F) – Before you head out on the road, get yourself center thru this relaxing and restorative yin class. This class will focus on longer, deep stretches with an emphasis on really winding down the week. You will glad you started your trip home with a Curriculum of You class before you go! 

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Scan-in daily for Bonus Steps: 1,000 Steps (Max 1 scan per day/session)

Innovation & Connection Experiences -  Wednesday, 8/18 Classes

  • All the Wednesday afternoon experiences are different, many can qualify for bonus points. Depending on what you do, you can look up the activity in the Manual Activity and select the time you spent doing the activity and automatically receive the equivalent steps in the Challenge app. If you have questions, please stop by the Heka Health booth on the 4th floor.

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Manual Activity for Bonus Steps: Max 5 manual activities per day 

Mindfulness Lounge - Meditation Sessions on Tuesday 8/17, Wednesday 8/18, and Thursday 8/19 

We have created a place during NEXT& just for you.  The Lee Papa’s Mindfulness Lounge is designed to give you time and space for yourself.  Gather in the Quiet Lounge (Room 401) at any time throughout the event to decompress and focus. In room 402, join Lee Papa during any of the published guided meditation sessions to turn inward and focus on you.  By attending these sessions, you can earn bonus steps. 


Location: 4th Floor Rooms 401 & 402

Complete Schedule available here: 

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Scan-in daily for Bonus Steps: 1,000 Steps (Max 1 scan per day/session)  

Gratitude Journal


Log 3 things you are grateful for or the positive events that have happened in your day.  Practice journaling for your mind daily to lower your stress levels and feel calmer at night.

Gratitude Journal for daily Bonus Steps: 1,000 Steps (Max 1 per entry/day)

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Massage Station on Wednesday 8/18 & Thursday, 8/19

Soothe, the world’s leading on-demand wellness company and a member of the Maritz Global Events Wellbeing Network, offers workplace and event massage through its corporate wellness program, Soothe At Work.   Soothe currently serves 73 markets across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.   All professionals are thoroughly vetted through Soothe’s Trust & Safety team, which ensures safety, transparency, and trust so that clients and pro's remain protected and safe throughout their wellness experience.


Enjoy the Soothe Chair Massage station during NEXT&. Stop by the Wellbeing Floor – 4th Floor – to schedule a time to relax and focus on you and your body.  We will have 2 pro’s available to offer 10 minute chair massages.   Make sure you Scan-In after your massage to redeem your bonus steps.


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

8:30am – 3:30pm - Soothe Massage on 4th Floor


Thursday, August 19, 2021

8:30am – 3:30pm  - Soothe Massage on 4th Floor

Scan-In daily for Bonus Steps: 1,000 steps (Max 1 scan per day/session)

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Care Station

Thanks to Hyatt Hotels help make your stay a little bit more like comfortable by visiting the Care Station.  Items in the Care Station could be items you forgot, things you might need during the event or a little something to help your trip home a bit more relaxing.  


Scan-In daily for Bonus Steps: 1,000 steps (Max 1 scan per day/session)

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Art Corner

In partnership with PRA, enjoy some down time and doodling to relax.  Art is a great way to practice mindfulness, be your own space or a way to do something with a friend that allows you time to be creative and share together.  Grab some tools from the PRA Art Cart and find a spot to be good to yourself.


Scan-In daily for Bonus Steps: 1,000 Steps (Max 1 scan per day/session) 

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2. SOCIAL WELLBEING - Caring for others


In the events business, connections are key.  We succeed with strong industry relationships. We encourage you to make as many connections as possible while attending NEXT&.  By using the Connect module of the Wellbeing Challenge you can earn bonus steps.   Here is how…..when you are talking to other guests ask them the question  "What are you most interested in learning from others at NEXT&?" after the conversation, scan their QR code to earn bonus steps.

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Connect daily for Bonus Steps: 250 Steps (Max 10 connects/day)

Share via Social Media 

The Wellbeing Challenge app has the integrated Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook modules.  Throughout, NEXT&, share photos of you participating in the NEXT& activities or any of the NEXT& Wellbeing Challenge activities. The module auto-tags your posts with #NEXT4Events and grants the bonus points. We encourage users to post as often as they like, however, you can only get bonus steps twice a day.

Tweet, Facebook or Instagram daily for Bonus Steps: 500 Steps (Max 2 posts/day)

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Caring for others by giving back

At NEXT&, Maritz Global Events continues to our fight against human trafficking in support of ECPAT-USA. This year we want to turn concern into action! ECPAT – USA has found that giving a journal to a human trafficking victim to write about their experiences can be very helpful on their healing journey.  Join us in the CSR activation room where you can  write an inspirational note inside the journals. At the end of NEXT&, our goal is to donate a minimum 500 journals to ECPAT – USA.  


Join us at the following times:

Tuesday, August 17

  • 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Wednesday, August 18

  • 8:00 – 8:45am

Thursday, August 19

  • 8:00 – 8:30am

  • 12:00 pm – 12:45pm

Turn Concern into Action CSR Project for Bonus Steps!

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Scan-in once for Bonus Steps: 2,000 Steps

3. ENVIRONMENTAL WELLBEING - Caring for the earth

Reduce CO2 Emission

Track estimated reduction of your group’s carbon footprint for every step. Track real time emission reduction estimate on leaderboard and provide data on reduced emission equivalents. This will be on the leader board and support the Environmental effort. Not a bonus steps redeemer.  Knowledge of the impact.

4. CAREER WELLBEING – Caring for your career

Articulate Your Career Goals as We Restart Our Industry

The simple act of writing down your goals can be the first step toward achieving them.  As you explore yourself and what you want in your career throughout NEXT&, we encourage you to take the next step in making them a reality by writing them down. Write down 3 career goals within the Online Form at the beginning of the event and at the end and put your career goals in front of you. By verbalizing your goals, you can start your journey and earn bonus steps. 

Scan-in at beginning and at the end of NEXT& for Bonus Steps: 1,000 Steps (Max 2 entries)​​

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5. FINANCIAL WELLBEING -  Caring for the financial future of our industry and honoring Andy Smith


Maritz Global Events is supporting ECPAT USA during NEXT& thru our Turn Concern into Action CSR journal program. We are donating 500 journals as a part of our CSR program AND will donate an additional 500 journals if the NEXT& Community reaches 8,000,000 total steps. The more steps we take the more we donate.     

Additionally, when you Click on the Donate button within the Challenge app you will go to the ECPAT - USA website dedicated to our very own Andy Smith. You can learn more about ECPAT-USA and make a donation in Andy’s name. Just by learning about the organization you will automatically earn a one-time 1,000 bonus steps. We encourage you to educate yourself about this amazing organization and if you are able, donate in honor of Andy.


Donate for Bonus Steps: 1,000 Steps

If you have any questions, stop by the Challenge Booth on the 4th Floor or reach the support team via the online form or email

* Apps are supported on iPhones & iPads with the three most recent major iOS versions and on Android phones with the four most recent major Android OS versions that have not been customized by the manufacturer. (Refer to list of supported operating systems for mobile devices.)

** Bonus Activity:

  1. On the Challenge app's main dashboard, tap the Bonus Activities selector.

  2. Press the Scan-InGratitude, Manual Activity, Connect, Facebook, Instagram, or Tweet button and follow the app instruction to receive your bonus steps.

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