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Take Action: Join SNA Strive to Thrive!

Participate in some friendly competition with your peers and join in the fun activities.

NEW Challenge Starts October 15!

Let’s count on each other and get “Better Together” as we STEP into SNA’s fourth quarter wellness challenge! Use the change of season as motivation to commit to your health goals and get moving with your school nutrition colleagues. With the cool, crisp air and the leaves turning beautiful shades, this is the best time to recharge and get those extra steps into your day.
Staying active has proven beneficial for both physical and mental health, so join us in healthy activities for your body, mind and spirit - let's get moving together and strive to thrive!

SNA Strive to Thrive starts on Friday, October 15, at 12:01 a.m. ET and ends on Friday, December 31 at 11:59 p.m. ET.  Participants can track their steps using their own personal Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, or the step trackers integrated on their iPhone/Android smartphone via Apple Health or Google Fit. *

To join:
1) Download the latest version of the "SNA Thrive" Challenge app:
2) Complete the in-app registration and pairing process:
  • Launch the Challenge app and complete the registration. Required for new participants only.
  • Pair your supported activity tracker (see the Challenge FAQ Webpage for details)
3) Start Stepping!
  • To sync your step/activity data to the app, select "Tap to sync steps" at the top of the dashboard
  • Note that your steps will only count from the time you first pair your activity tracker
  • Please sync your step data at least one time per 24 hour period and before the Challenge end time to make sure all your steps count!




Engage in multiple Wellness activities and earn bonus steps to help you achieve your goals. You will earn bonus steps per completed activity. Once the Challenge has started, press the 'Bonus Activities' selector ** in the Challenge App to:

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Meditate: Put on your headset, find a quiet location that suits you best, and using any or all 5 different meditation modules in the Challenge app to go through the seven minute meditation sessions. During any active Challenge period, you will automatically receive 500 bonus steps for each meditation session you complete (limit of one bonus grant per session and day).

  • Meditation 1 - “Body Scan”

  • Meditation 2 - “Journey on the Clouds”

  • Meditation 3 - “Waterfall Wash”

  • Meditation 4 - “Abundance”

  • Meditation 5 - “Intention Service to Others”

Gratitude Audio: Take a few minutes out of your busy day and listen to the guided gratitude audio and try to notice and reflect upon things you are thankful for. You will automatically receive 1,000 bonus steps at the end of the audio (limit of one bonus grant per participant).

April 15 Bonus Activities.png

Gratitude Journal: Using the Gratitude Journal, write the 3 things you are grateful for or the positive events that have happened in your day. Practice your journaling daily to lower stress levels and feel calmer at night. You will automatically receive 500 bonus steps for completing your journal entries (limit of one bonus grant per day).


The Leaderboard (also available within the app) is refreshed approximately every 10 minutes once the Challenge has started. 

If you have any questions contact the support team here or email

* Apps are supported on iPhones & iPads with the three most recent major iOS versions and on Android phones with the four most recent major Android OS versions that have not been customized by the manufacturer. (Refer to list of supported operating systems for mobile devices.)

** Bonus Activities:

  1. On the Challenge app's main dashboard, tap the Bonus Activities selector.

  2. Press Meditate or Gratitude button and follow the app instruction to receive your bonus steps.